Kathy Edwards, the Founder of The Novus Academy, is an educator with 26 years of extensive experience within public school, private school, and university settings. It had been her dream for many years to one day create a school unlike any in existence. The “dream school” would become a world class learning community that provided innovative, creative, and experiential educational programming within a culture that instilled confidence, respect, and self-worth. Staff would come together to operate with integrity and honesty, working diligently to educate and enrich the lives of the students. Unwavering ethics, high morals, integrity, pride, honor, courage, respect, and the development of growth mindsets would be the core of the school’s value system. High expectations and rigor would lead to personal growth, intrinsic motivation, and empowerment for all students. The school would have outreach programs to enable students, families, and educators across the country to discover how to maximize their potential.

The Novus Academy History

The Novus Academy is built upon a strong foundation. Prior to its inception, the school operated as the Hill School of Grapevine. Kathy Edwards was selected by the Hill School of Fort Worth organization to create a satellite campus in Grapevine, Texas. It began as a 1st through 5th grade campus in the first year of operation and was serving students in grades 1 through High School Preparation in its final year.

The Hill School of Grapevine developed a much sought after school culture and program of instruction. Approximately 250 to 300 individuals per year from public and private schools, community organizations, and businesses visited the school to observe and learn from staff and students. The Hill School of Grapevine was in its seventh year of operation when the decision was made to cease operations to enable the creation of The Novus Academy. Creating and operating The Novus Academy would serve to increase opportunities for students, families, and the surrounding communities with the addition of a high school program. Professional Development opportunities for public and private school staff would also be extended. Working relationships with colleges and universities could be optimized to enhance the school program while also serving as a model site to help prepare future educators and clinicians.

On August 18, 2014, that “DREAM” will become a reality when The Novus Academy opens its doors and students in grades 1-10, enter their “new” school for the first time.