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Testimonials with JS

Paula Williamson, Kinderplatz of Fine Arts

Kathy’s investment in the lives and education of the students is obvious and is awsome!!

Paula Williamson, Kinderplatz of Fine Arts

The confidence, the self esteem, the personal responsibility of staff members and children is obvious.

Paula Williamson, Kinderplatz of Fine Arts

What an awesome place that teaches children about their uniqueness hidden within.

Visiting Education Professional

Here one can dream of becoming absolutely any form of greatness. The only thing unimaginable is ‘Not loving this school’!

Visiting Educational Professional

Even as an adult I was taken back to the days of childhood fairy-tales and fantasy, the innocent expectation that anything is possible. Creativity and color abound.

Visiting Educational Professional

What a fabulous and fantastic world to step into as one comes through the doors! A wonderland that every child dreams of entering.

Visiting Administrator

Wow! This place is better than Disneyland for students. Just look around….How could anyone get discouraged in this environment?!?

Michelle W.

Impressive! Environment kicks the anxiety out of learning. The pervasive belief that EVERY kid can be successful. Creative, committed teachers. I love this school!

Janet T.

Thank you for sharing a fun, inviting and encouraging school environment. Love It!

Kathy S., parent

Thank for allowing Ellery to blossom at her own rate. The campus is such a colorful, energetic place with lots of positive incentives for learning and behavior. Thank you for all you do!

Ellery S., Student

The school has changed my life. It is an very inspiring place to be. I think this should replace all the school in the world.

Sallie W.

Doing what’s right for children creates life long learners and happy engaged minds. Keep up your great mission!

Sallie W.

Wow! what a fabulous environment! Such great energy and happy children! I especially love seeing a school that is doing what’s developmentally appropriate practice.

M. Toliver

What an awesome place for children to learn. I also admire your philosophy of teaching children.

M. Toliver

Kathy your school was a breath of fresh air! I really enjoyed seeing the expressions on the faces of your students.

Kim B.

Keep up all the amazing work your are doing. It is inspiring and IMPORTANT. You make a difference.

Kim B.

Thank you for my 2nd visit to your school. The joy I am apart of here is inspiring and infectious. My goal is to take it back to my schools.

Karen Blessen, 29pieces.org

Very impressive environment and wonderful to learn more of your progressive and successful methods. Positive belief, encouragement, high expectations abound. Well Done. Stick with it!

Beverly Davis, ‘SPARK!’

What a fabulous learning environment. You ‘spark’ their energy and desire to learn.The positive affirmations are awesome. Keep up the great work.

Professional Development Participant

An inspiring school and GREAT teaching environment. Thanks for sharing your students and energy with us!

Tracey Hill, Intervention Support Teacher

Thank you for letting us come visit. This visit got a lot of teachers energized. We will begin to make our own positive changes.

J. Baston

So much care and attention is given to each student! ALL the teachers and students seem so happy to be here. Thank you for sharing your school with me today.

J. Baston

This is just an amazing environment for learning and a wonderful place for the students to grow and blossom.

Jim and Jane C. grandparents

Our grandson came home after the second week at the school with this comment. “This school has changed my life!”.

Jeana S., Renaissance Learning, Portland OR

I got a huge wave of nostalgia while walking around – as in – oh yeah, THIS is why I wanted to be a teacher?

Jeana S., Renaissance Learning

First impressions… The visual experience is overwhelming, enveloping. I could hardly stand to wait at the check in desk to see what was around the corner.

Participant, professional development

This amazing school will have an impact on the country!

Participant, professional development

A place with a love of learning and of teaching would be the best way to describe this amazing school.

Participant, professional development

Thank you for inspiring change in my heart. The culture of your school embraces everyone and creates excitement for learning, creativity and high expectations.

Kelly D.

The culture of your school is awesome and such a blessing to all who visit. Your endless vision is wonderful. Thanks for sharing your precious school with us.

Ginger G. teacher

What you do is unique and special. These kids are so blessed to have a place just for them.

Cindy, teacher

What an awesome place for kids! I love how students are greeted in the mornings and how in turn they greet visitors. It is great to see the students work and learn in such an environment.

M. Roper

I hope that one day more schools can have this atmosphere and attitude toward education. The experience has provided me with idea’s and a great outlook for changes to come.

Mandi R.

Seeing the school is absolutely refreshing and encouraging. The environment is welcoming and positive, I have never seen so many friendly adults and STUDENTS. This is a wonderful place to learn and grow.

Professor of Education

Wow! What an inspiring school! I love the environment, and the love and genuine care for each student. These students are blessed to benefit from this school.

S. Smith

What an amazing environment! From being greeted by the principal outside, the students walking in the door and stopping to introduce themselves to the guest they find in their school lobby.

Shawna S.

Just the first 30 minutes of being here has created an ‘I Can Do Anything Attitude’! You guys deserve a great big “Kiss Your Brain” for what you are doing!

Allison M.

It’s so easy to see the investment on all ends by the students and the staff. Everyone is clearly very deeply engaged. It is such an inspiration to see all you’re doing. Thank you for all you’re doing for kids and the future!

Allison M. teacher

I love the way the day starts. I could do anything if I started every day like that.

Corrine P.

Thank you for your vision. You’ve shown us that the core of education is putting kids minds, imagination and potential first. And then connecting that with the real world expectations in a magical and supportive way!

C. Rofrio

This school is an inspiration to break from the linear and traditional education

Stacy D.

I am amazed by how polite and well mannered all of the students were. I find that to be a most admirable trait that is certainly not the norm. It was evident that you and your team care deeply about the well rounded child.

Administrator, Lovejoy ISD

Thank you for sharing the school with us. WOW – what an incredible learning environment for children!


The energy that you, your teachers and students display is inspirational!

Nicole B.

As students arrived, they introduced themselves to each and everyone of us. AMAZING!

Nicole B.

Seeing you greet EVERY student as they arrive and receiving a commitment from each child to ‘make it a great day’ was WONDERFUL!

Eva R.

What an uplifting environment and school culture. Not only are students encouraged, teachers are as well, and their positive attitudes reflect this. This is how education should be

Kim Blevins, educator

I love the way that your students begin their day. The Music and energy is amazing. Your school has so many great things going for the students!

Stephanie Lucero, educator

I love how the students introduce themselves and welcome you to their school that they are proud to be a part of!

Patricia Guajardo, teacher

It was wonderful to see all the positives in the morning at school. ‘Even the teachers got positive reinforcement 1st thing!

Mother of Two Enrolled Students

Your school places High expectations on kids and then gives them the tools to help them live up to those expectations. And it works, what a concept!

Parents of a Middle School Student

It is truly a caring, nurturing, and stimulating environment, and I know it’s making the difference in these kids lives. Thank you, Kathy, for all you do everyday to make the school a success.

Keller ISD Teacher

I love the positive, energetic atmosphere. There is so much that I hope we can implement at our school.

2nd Grade Student on Confidence Building

Your school has made me smarter, happier, and I feel safer there.

Third Grade Student on Patience

I was behind in school. The teachers had patience with me and worked really hard and did not give up on me.

Parents of an 8th grade Student

We are so thankful for your school. Our son has improved in so many areas. We know that it is because of the amazing admin., staff and teachers.

Grandparent of an 8th grader

My granddaughter has struggled all her life with social acceptance issues and academic productivity.Your school has literally been her salvation and this year represents a turning point in her life.

Supporter of the School

I’ve brought hundreds of educators, leaders and community members from around the country to visit the school. They are consistently impressed and return with individuals from their communities to show them what a Model School in our country looks like.

Parent, High School Prep Student

Positive Learning Environment
Your School has meant everything to us. It gave our daughter Elisabeth a place where she could learn, be challenged and excel. Her progress has been amazing. It’s an incredibly unique environment. The kids are loved, respected and really challenged in very positive ways every day. And they have fun at the same time.


Kim Blevins, educator

I love the way that your students begin their day. The Music and energy is amazing. Your school has so many great things going for the students!

Kathy S., parent

Thank for allowing Ellery to blossom at her own rate. The campus is such a colorful, energetic place with lots of positive incentives for learning and behavior. Thank you for all you do!


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