No, your child doesn’t need to have been diagnosed with a learning difference.  Our program is excellent for students with and without difficulties learning.

Our student to teacher ratio is a maximum if 12:1

At this time, we are not able to best meet the needs of non-verbal students.  To receive optimal benefit from our school program, students must be able to learn within small group settings.

We accept students throughout the school year as long as there is space available in the classes a prospective student would need.

You can be involved as a parent in a variety of ways.  You could consider actively participating with our Novus Academy Parent Association (NAPA).  We also encourage parents to actively participate with their child’s educational program and communicate frequently with staff.

We believe strongly that our students must be prepared to function independently throughout their lifetimes.  One of the first things a Novus student learns is that he/she must be prepared for the world as they find it, when they find it, and where they find themselves as they go through life.

All of our students are pre-tested at the beginning of the school year and post-tested at the end of the school year.  We also continually assess throughout the school year to ensure measurable progress is being made over time.  Novus staff track progress, results are discussed with students and parents are provided with copies of all assessment information.

We do not provide lunches for our students.  They bring lunches from home. Microwaves are available

Parents make arrangements to bring their children to and from school. Carpooling is also available

Yes, all Novus Academy teachers are certified.  Their certifications vary and are aligned with the instruction each teacher provides.

We do not have a nurse on site.  We have staff trained to meet the daily needs of our students.  In the event of an emergency or a situation that requires care beyond our levels of ability, parents would be notified and appropriate health care providers would be contacted.

Novus is a non-profit independent school.  IEP’s are used in Public schools.  Our students do not have IEP’s.  Rather, frequent assessments, observations, goal setting, and parent/student/teacher conferences are utilized to determine the efficacy of the program for each student.

When students present with behavioral difficulties, their needs are addressed on an individual basis. “Novus is unable to meet the needs of
students with significant disruptive behavioral

We don’t refer to our procedures as “discipline” and don’t have a one size fits all plan.  We actively teach our students that all choices and actions have consequences.  Some actions may lead to positive consequences and others can lead to negative consequences.  Students are taught why they are choosing to behave in the manner(s) they are.  Then they are guided in the development of meaningful consequences, they are taught strategies…

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