In 2007, Kathy Edwards joined the Hill School of Fort Worth organization to create a satellite campus in Grapevine, Texas. It began as a 1st through 5th grade school serving students with Learning Differences. Over the course of seven years, additional grade levels and programs were added, partnerships were forged with public and private schools, and summer programs were developed to provide experiential learning opportunities to students and professional development to teachers from numerous schools within Texas and Oklahoma. In its final year, the Hill School of Grapevine (HSGV) was working with students in 1st grade through High School Preparation. 

The Hill School of Grapevine developed a much sought-after school environment, culture, and program of instruction. Every school year, approximately 250 to 300 individuals from public and private schools, community organizations, and businesses visited the school to observe and learn how to improve programs for struggling students in the schools they worked in and supported. In 2011, HSGV was named as a Model School by Great Expectations, a professional development program for teachers and administrators.

Edwards' enduring dream, however, was to create a school unlike any in existence. The “dream school” would become a world-class learning community that provided innovative, creative, and experiential educational programming within a culture that instilled confidence, respect, and self-worth.  In addition to providing exemplary services and support to the students and families that would attend the school, educators and clinicians around the country would be invited to visit the school to discover ways they could improve services for students and families in their care.

In November 2103, the Hill School Organization denied Edwards request to add a high school program to the HSGV campus.  There were 12 families counting on the addition of a 9th grade program of instruction.  Between November 2013 and February 2014, Edwards successfully negotiated a separation agreement with the Hill School Organization. The Hill School of Grapevine ceased operations on June 30, 2014. The following day, The Novus Academy opened its doors.

The first phase of the “dream school” became reality on July 1, 2014. This change included the addition of a high school program, thus increasing educational opportunities for students, families, and the surrounding communities.

Novus has built upon the standards of excellence set previously. Our vision is to be the world-class learning community that helps every child in our country reach their full potential and leave the world a better place. We will be the model school that sets a new standard for education in our country.