We want to inspire our children and their families to discover and reach their full potential. We believe in creating experiences and a culture that inspires our students to have an unquenchable thirst and love for lifelong learning.

We provide high expectations, attention, and support for each and every student. In too many instances, our students are required to fit a system or setting that doesn’t truly address their specific needs and strengths. We make sure no student is ignored, overlooked, or gets left behind. All students have individual needs, desires, and gifts. We recognize their unique qualities and strive to help our students discover their passion and purpose by honoring their difficulties without becoming defined by them and identifying and building upon their existing and developing strengths.


To be the world-class learning community that helps every child in our country to reach their full potential and leave the world a better place. We set the new standard for education in our country.


The Novus Academy provides innovative, creative, and experiential educational programming within a culture that inspires confidence, respect, and self-worth.
The Novus Academy is a creative, innovative, vibrant, independent school for bright students with learning differences, high achieving students with cognitive difficulties, and students with high cognitive abilities and above average academic performance. Our students benefit from evidence-based, high-quality, comprehensive, and meaningful educational programming.
The Novus Academy transforms the lives of students, their families, and their communities by preparing them to be self-advocates and problem-solvers through innovative learning programs, supportive interactions with faculty, staff, and students, exemplary scholarship, and purposeful service to others.
The Novus Academy students are prepared and empowered to apply their acquired skills and knowledge, to rely on their personal attributes to confidently lead productive lives, and to become contributing members of the global community.


All students deserve, and we will provide, a healthy, safe and secure learning environment.

Value 1: Engagement

Value 2: Empowerment

Value 3: Environment