The What If We Could Organization is the community outreach arm of The Novus Academy. Through this organization we envision a world-class and global learning community that instills educational ethics, morals and values that foster a lifelong love of learning.

The organization promotes and fosters partnerships throughout the community in order to advance the development of confident, independent student learners. We reach beyond the school to conduct:


  • Fully inclusive assessments that involve educators, families and students
  • Identifying the optimal learning requirements of the individual child and defining the best place and practice for them to flourish
  • Redefining what success looks like — it’s more than a diagnosis, it’s a roadmap for success

Professional Educator Development

  • Best-in-class applied learning training and innovative methods for unlocking children’s growth and potential
  • Learning the concept of doing whatever it takes through the “How Hard Can It Be?” and “What If I Could” mindsets.

We incorporate research to refine teaching practices and to demonstrate student success. We are actively seeking opportunities for innovation in education.

To find out more about The Novus Academy, please call us at 817-488-4555 or contact us to schedule a tour of our facility.