The support that we offer to our students and their families is designed to help students achieve success at The Novus Academy. All staff and faculty members provide assistance when students struggle with issues such as peer relationships, self-esteem, stress, and difficulties related to past or present academic problems. Students learn to problem solve and develop strategies to best resolve situations.

When conflicts and/or misunderstandings occur between students, staff help all students involved understand what led to the difficulty, how to proactively resolve the situation, and develop action plans to ensure a similar problem doesn’t reoccur.

At times there may be the need for some of our students and families to participate in a more direct counseling approach. When this occurs, we refer families to therapists and physicians within the Dallas- Fort Worth area.

To find out more about The Novus Academy, please call us at 817-488-4555 or contact us to schedule a tour of our facility.