7th GRADE & 8th GRADE

Self-discovery and Comparison to Others

The Middle School, skills developed in Intermediate School are used as a foundation for skill acquisition. At Novus each student is a valued individual with unique physical, social, emotional, and intellectual needs. Students learn in different ways and are provided with a variety of instructional approaches and resources to guide and support their learning. One of the goals of our Middle School program is to prepare our students for optimal success in high school.

The middle school years are the time in a child’s life that they begin questioning their worth and comparing themselves to others to a greater degree than when they were younger. During this developmental stage of their lives, we must recognize the traits and characteristics that our middle school students possess. Students with learning differences such as ADD/ADHD, high functioning Autism, and Anxiety or Depression tend to be 2 or more years below chronological age socially and emotionally. In addition, by middle school many students with learning differences have experienced years of academic difficulty, being made fun of or ostracized by peers, and failure. Such students tend to give up easily and have lost hope that they will ever achieve success in school.

Placing sole focus on academic skills without an increased emphasis on social and emotional growth accompanied by further development of Executive Functioning abilities will not prepare our students for high school success. Therefore, while we continue to build and enhance core academic areas, Novus faculty also equip our students with the skills and strategies they need to navigate social, emotional, and behavioral situations and experiences.

“We are so grateful for the way you share with us! Seeing a truly inviting place for students to learn and observing the work that you and your staff do to make each day a special day for learning is an opportunity that has been a benefit to many of us as visitors. The middle school principals that visited the other day were blown away! I have been thanked repeatedly for inviting them to Novus and they are already collaborating for what transformative changes they might attempt at their campuses. You INSPIRE me with your consistent care of children and your continued search for the learning environments that welcome children and enhance their learning no matter what limitations or accommodations they carry to school. I am a better educator because of you and I thank you!”


Carla Saddler Rix Principal,
Richland High School

    3400 William D. Tate Ave.,
    Grapevine, TX 76051

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