The Novus Academy is a place full of wonder and whimsy. It is a sea of colors in a world of beige. It is a breath of fresh air. It is family, it is hope, it is home, and it is a place where lives are truly changed. Where others say, “you can’t,” Novus says, “‘you can’t yet,” and that makes all the difference.

At its core, The Novus Academy is in the business of changing families’ lives and preparing children for futures they had been led to believe were not possible for them. It is a creative and independent school for bright students with learning differences, high-achieving students with cognitive difficulties, and students with high cognitive abilities performing above-average academically. Novus students benefit from evidence-based, high-quality, comprehensive, and meaningful educational programming.

By providing high expectations, experiential learning opportunities, and custom support for every student, The Novus Academy aims to inspire each of its students to chase after and fully realize their true potential. The teachers and staff strive to make sure no student is ignored, overlooked, or gets left behind. Rather than letting students become defined by their difficulties, The Novus Academy honors each student’s struggles while simultaneously recognizing their existing and developing strengths, and in so doing, each student is afforded a safe space to discover his/he passion and purpose.

The Novus Academy is built upon three values: Engagement: all students can learn; Empowerment: all students are diverse and unique; and Environment: all students thrive in a safe, secure, and stimulating learning environment.

The Novus Academy teaches from an outside- the-box perspective, and it is precisely because of this that they find so much success. They recognize the truth that no human has ever improved any skill through less practice or minimized exposure to learning opportunities. They affirm the fact that students learn at different speeds, and they therefore work with students based upon each individual’s instructional levels and the methodologies best suited to meet their needs. They set a standard of expectations that propels students forward rather than leaving them behind. Where others would recommend less, Novus demands more. Where others would restrict distractions, Novus makes noise. Where others would lighten the load, Novus raises the bar. They see students for what they can and will become.

The Novus Academy does more than teach students to succeed in the classroom. They teach students to be successful humans. The students at Novus learn to adapt. The world is full of distraction; Novus understands that students need to learn how to function in an environment that mirrors the real world. They teach the soft skills that are necessary for human interaction and relationships. They are helping to raise successful adults, rather than allow students to be adult dependent.

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